Thursday, 3 May 2012

Number 3 - 'Fish Supper'

I wish, I wish I were a fish,
Then I would be a tasty dish.
With tartare sauce, and mushy peas,
With soggy chips and gravy please.
Yummy scrummy in your tummy,
I wouldn't cost a lot of money!
Bread and butter, tomato sauce,
So hungry you could eat a horse.
Salt and vinegar, pepper too,
Eat me now, I'm good for you.


[63 words]


  1. Oh, this is such fun!! It might not be a story yet it IS a story. I am a poet also and sometimes the best stories I write are poems so congrats for discovering this early!

    Julie Jordan Scott
    Fellow Story A Day in May Writer
    @juliejordanscot on twitter
    Read my Day 3 Story - here!
    On a Mission to Spread Word~Love Across the World

    1. Thank you Julie! I enjoyed writing it, it kind of wrote itself really :D

  2. Jane this makes me think of Dr. Seuss!! :D

    1. Thanks Amanda! That's some compliment! :D